W00 Worley’s Identity Discovery Profiles (WIDP)


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Worley’s Identity Discovery Profiles (WIDP) are purchased here for any of the three languages English, Spanish, or Portuguese (Youth Ages 6 -16) and adults.

WIDP profile gives you a 10 to 16 page print out of the individual’s temperament assessment in three areas of how an individual’s Demonstrates toward others in Social, Leadership, and Relationships and further identifies what they desire from you in those three areas.

The profile presents to you how individuals demonstrate socially, as a leader and in close intimate relationships and WIDP further...

identifies what they DESIRE BACK from you TOWARD THEM in the three areas of Social orientation, Leadership preferences, and what they prefer from you in close intimate Relationships.

This is a very powerful temperament assessment for professional counselors and individuals alike and life-changing information is uncovered using this profile. WIDP is more reliable and dependable than any of the other instruments of character, personality, and behavioral assessments on the market today, like the MBTI, DiSC, TJTA, PA, TJTA, PUM, FIRO/FIRO/B, Enneagrams, etc.

The value, use, and application of WIDP results in comparison to those instruments will astonish you.

Purchase your WIDP profiles and be on your way to a new life of helping clients in ways that you never thought possible. Taking them to the depths of their true identity based on their temperament.

Also, generating more revenue for your practice using CPT 96130 & CPT 96131. It's a win-win for the clinician or practice doing third-party billing (TPA).

Your journey and newfound understanding of temperament is going to impact your life and those you engage in ways that you’ve never thought possible. This is one of the best professional decisions you have ever made.

WIDP will not let you down!