W01 WIDP Private Single Portal Account


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Your WIDP private single portal will give you complete access to your account 24 hours a day seven days a week with technical assistance.

No one can gain access to your private account but you and you can reset your password anytime you want. You are in complete control of your account and the privacy of every client that you put in the database.

If you misplaced or lose your password you will have to pay a "$100.00 Retrieveal Fee" to have it retrieved through the WIDP Administrator.

Visit our website and explore the mini functionalities of our website by looking at the HELPS menu and listening to our tutorials and watching our videos. You'll get great insight as to what you have at your disposal with your Private Portal.

It's 100% HIPAA compliant. WIDP instrument meets the psychological requirements for psychological profiling and utilizing CPT 96130 and CPT 96131 billing codes.

WIDP meets those requirements. WIDP is TPA (Third Party Administration) therefore the ROI (RETURN On YOUR INVESTMENT) is almost immediate!

Using WIDP is a no-brainer for clinicians doing third-party billing. Who doesn't want to earn more revenue?