W09 WIDP Basic & Advanced Webinar 10 Hrs.


The Advanced Webinar is for those leaders desiring to be a WIDP Associate, Affiliate, or Affiliate Manager.

This is a 10 hour seminar consisting of the Basic and the Advanced Seminar combine together completed in two days, five (5) hours each day, and it is mandatory that you complete all 10 hours to become certified by WIDP.

Upon completion of certification you will be able to debrief an individual on their personal profile from a temperament clinical perspective. On average this can take three hours in a debriefing session. There is that much clinical information in the profile that you receive on each individual.

The 10 hour webinar is about the understanding of temperament and how to interpret and debrief individuals on their temperament.

Listed below are the Affiliate Guidelines.

WIDP Affiliate Guidelines

WIDP Affiliates are end users qualified to purchase WIDPweb account access, administer WIDPquestionnaires, interpret profile results, build their client database, and access spur-of-the-moment training materials offered.

WIDP Affiliates may host informational presentations about WIDP and temperament information usingWIDP-approved content and materials(not authorized to certify others) WIDP Affiliates have access to additional training for information and CEU purposes, if applicable.

WIDP Affiliates can become WIDP Affiliates or Affiliate Managers once training requirements are met and appropriate fees paid at the desired level.

All Associates/Affiliates/Affiliate Managers will pay a one-time Account Activation fee.

All Associates/Affiliates/Affiliate Managers are required to pay $50/mo. The maintenance fee for web access and use of tool/database.

WIDP Advanced Seminar/Webinar 10 hours - Affiliate, Affiliate Managers, and Leaders.